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  • Vitamin C Liquid Drops - strengthens your body’s natural defenses

  • Liquid Ionic Zinc - essential in cell development and protein absorption

  • Elderberry Hill Syrup - can elevate energy levels

Elderberry Hill’s new Immunity Bundle integrates complete immunity support into your daily routine. The Vitamin C Liquid Drops help boost your immune system, while the Liquid Ionic Zinc plays a major role in membrane repair, coagulation, and inflammation and immune defense. The original Elderberry syrup completes the formula and ensures that you maintain an uplifted mood for the entire day. This immunity mix is the full mind & body routine you are looking for! 

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The Elderberry Hill Organics liquid supplements are by far the most convenient, best tasting, and purest I've found. My family and I are very happy with these supplements that we use to prevent the common cold. We also have more energy throughout the entire day and a more generally positive attitude.” - Ryan W.



Better synergy of ingredients

Unlike traditional pills, liquid formulas have the ability to pack more powerful nutrients. This means more benefits in the easiest way possible! Zinc, and vitamins A, B & C all work together to produce a unified effect and provide energy bursts and full immunity protection.

Made for all ages

Liquids have a big advantage over pills. Swallowing pills can be a real challenge for children and the elderly. Liquid forms also have a faster absorption rate. Thus, their benefits are being optimized for easier digestion, not to mention that yummy taste!

Safe for daily use

Our 3-item solution provides just the optimal amount of approved daily intake. Proudly made in the USA, our products are organic, vegan, contain no added sugars and are non-GMO. We didn’t add anything that your body doesn’t need.

Get the most out of our full vitamin complex

You and your family deserve the best. Get the recommended daily intake of essentials to help you function at an optimum speed at all times.

Get the extra help you need in the easiest way possible. Elderberry Hill’s Immunity Bundle can help reinvigorate you, boost your immune system for all-day round protection, and function properly. Our formulations are easy to take and ensure a high-absorption rate. Packed with essential elements only, Elderberry Hill is proudly made in the USA, vegan, with no added sugars, non-GMO, and does not contain common allergens such as gluten, corn, nut, or soy.


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What makes this bundle your top choice?

  • Elderberry Hill is dedicated to providing an inclusive solution to improving your immune system and general welfare. We are offering our current and future customers better quality at lower prices. 

  • The Immunity Bundle is the latest supplement mix to be taken in the comfort of your home. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, Elderberry's new pack is a worthy addition to any wellness care routine. The Immunity Bundle is a product of the best quality, made with the utmost care for you and your family. 


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