Please know that all ourproducts are 100% vegan, made from only organic and non-GMO ingredients

Please know that all productsare 100% vegan, made from only organic and non-GMO ingredients.

All our products are made by an American brand you can trust, in FDA registered facilities.

All our products are sugar free, with no artificial flavors.

We care about our customer’s health, so all our products do not contain any common allergens like soy, gluten or nuts.

Please know that our products don’t contain preservatives or artificial flavors; the fruity taste is obtained from fruit extract.

Please know you can take the syrup anytime during the day. Add to water or take directly. Recommended dose for adults is 1 ml ( 30 drops) daily.

Please know that we advise all our customers to consult their doctor first, before taking any supplements, especially if they have any pre-existing conditions. Also please take into consideration that our products are not meant to treat/cure/or prevent any health conditions.

Our Elderberry syrup tastes like real raspberries/blackberries because it is made with raspberry and blackberry extract.

If you wish to do a more intensive elderberry syrup routine, please know you can take up to 4 doses ( 1 ml/ 30 drops per dose) a day.