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Buy from a trusted source and protect what matters with Elderberry Hill Organics.

Immunity Bundle

Immunity Bundle

Boost your immune system with our Immunity Bundle! No cold or flu will catch you by surprise with this combination of Ionic Zinc liquid drops, liquid Vitamin C, and Elderberry Syrup. Keep your body protected at all times!

Ionic Zinc + Vitamin C + Elderberry Syrup



Vitality Bundle

Vitality Bundle

Our Vitality bundle contains all the elements you need to feel fresh and energized. Improve your overall mood and achieve laser-sharp focus with the Methyl B12 Spray. The liquid Vitamin C and the Elderberry Syrup offer you the ultimate protection against common colds & flu.

B12 + Vitamin C + Elderberry Syrup



Feel Good Bundle

Feel Good Bundle

Feeling great has never been easier to achieve than with our Feel-Good Bundle. The Vegan B Complex does wonders for your energy level, nails, skin, and hair, while the liquid Vitamin C and Elderberry Syrup boost your immunity to new levels, so no cold or flu can get you down.

B-Complex + Vitamin C + Elderberry Syrup



High Stamina Bundle

High Stamina Bundle

This comprehensive bundle will keep you up and running all day long. The Morning Formula contains all the essential elements you need to tackle each day successfully. As the Elderberry Syrup boosts your immunity, the Methyl B12 Spray will put a smile on your face.

Multivitamin Morning Formula + B12 + Elderberry Syrup



High Stamina Bundle

Seize the Day Bundle

Our Seize the Day Pack contains a comprehensive combination of supplements and ingredients for full immunity & vitality: start your day with our Morning Formula for extra energy. Protect your health with our immunity-boosting Elderberry Syrup. And enjoy a good night’s sleep with our soothing Nighttime Formula.

Multivitamin Morning Formula + Multimineral Night Time Formula + Elderberry Syrup